Meet the Designer and the Brand





Wyvine is the founder and designer behind SheNoblesse, launched in December 2014.

Originally from Belgium, Wyvine moved to Australia with her partner in 2012.

Once in Sydney, Wyvine considered being a wedding planner. But while she developed a passion for crafting she couldn’t chose between planning or creating. She then decided to combine the two, and Shenoblesse was born!

A new brand offering intricately designed jewelry and bridal accessories, SheNoblesse is the combination of English and French meanings; « She » meaning « Feminine » and « Noblesse » meaning « Nobility ».

Wyvine is a princess at heart, loves everything vintage and finds her inspiration in victorian details, old romantic costumes and historic personalities. She always focuses on quality and constantly explores new methods and styles to deliver unique, handcrafted products.

At Shenoblesse, each piece is created from a sketch or Wyvine’s creative imagination. With a blend of exceptional, self-taught techniques and the finest components, such as crystals, freshwater pearls, fine laces and tulles, each piece takes its own identity and develops its own character as it is created. 

Today Wyvine works with brides from all over the world. Her biggest markets are the US and Australia, but she has customers in over 24 countries. As a travel addicted, she loves the idea of having her pieces across the world and always gets excited when a new country adds to the list!