Just like finding the perfect wedding gown, finding your bridal headpiece is no easy task and can be overwhelming sometimes. Luckily, there are a few elements you need to consider that will influence your decision and guide you into your pursuite such as your bridal hairstyle, your face features, your wedding gown details and your bridal veil if you decide to wear one.

For bride Renata, it was her love for flower crowns and her bridal hairstyle that led her to decide she wanted to wear a small tiara that could be tucked into the sides of her bridal low bun.

Renata's favourite piece from our collection was the INFINITY ROSES COMB, much loved for its floral elements, its non asymmetric middle section that suits her personality and its white pearls that match the beading of her wedding dress.


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The original piece couldn't be worn as a tiara because of its slightly curved shape and the two comb it is attached to. We therefore redesigned the piece to sit directly on the head and made sure the floral elements fully covered the metallic base for a seamless appearence.


bridal tiara, gold tiara, wedding crown, floral crown, custom made crown, bridal headband


If like Renata, you'd love to customise one of our pieces or would like us to create a special piece based on your requirements and our styling advice, contact us and we will get back you in the next 24 hours.





  • Posted by Lizzy Harvey on

    Hello, would it be possible to get a quote for a custom piece please? I would love to order the INFINITY ROSES COMB, but as a tiara, like you did for Renata in your blog post. I love the piece but have short hair so the combs wouldn’t work for me. My wedding is on 21st June and I would need it to be shipped to the Northern Territory – would this be enough time for you? Thanks! X

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